is an innovative startup founded by forward-thinking engineers. So first off what is Badgewell?

Badgewell is startup that will end the days of the losing track of your certificates and qualifications. Founded in 2017 ,Badgewell provides an easier and convenient way to keep track of your most prized certificates you have in a very secure manner. Located in Egypt, Badgewell collaborates with companies and educational institutions to issue digital certificates for you.

Badgewell is consider the first if it’s type in the middle East, planning to expand their services to serve the entire region. But where did the idea come from and how do they organize it?

The origin of the idea of the company when the co-founders found themselves having no means of tracking and proving their qualifications after finishing their work with Microsoft and thus Badgewell was born. They created a genius system categorizing your needs, in order to help each company and institutions each category is designed to serve a different purpose. The first category designed to help the companies keeping track of their employees’ skills and certificates, as for the second category designed to help educational or training institutions issue a digital certificate that can be shared or added to your LinkedIn, facebook or an other online account along with paper certificate to prove your skills and qualifications.