Providing you an easy to manage and innovative solution to document and track your courses, work, and experience history. Badgwell offers the companies and academic institutions to issue digitized badges

 Medico is a platform that contacts the medical platforms together to can buy and sell the required equipment.  It offers the ranges of  prices, warranty and the quality rates.

It is a developing Crowdfunding platform based on the Blockchain technology. They support all "Startups - Charities - Supporters - Investors". We are trying to solve Crowdfunding problems, like “Frauds - High transaction fees - Security issues" Our target Market: “MENA - USA - Canada - Asia

Solving the long time struggle of food ordering for workers and students, Cantina is an innovative mobile app that offers you a variety of food selections, price ranges, and fast delivery.

Is an innovative transportation app that offers a fixed seat booking in anytime you want with cheaper and more competitive pricing than other apps offering the same services.

Offering an easy and secure payment for startups and online merchants, Fawterak saves their clients the difficulties of printing and sending their payments by offering them online and Fawery payment.

Is an analytic and insightful tool that uses machine learning and data science to break down your social media performance along with improving it.

It is an Arabic virtual assistance with an Egyptian accent, in order to help you to use the smartphone and apps to its maximum performance easily.