As we care and support entrepreneurs to start their own business and become better to reach new levels to help with our country growth, TechSpace in collaboration with ASRT offers finical support 150,000 EGP.

Data is power and backbone of every company. TechSpace made a partnership with IBM to give our startups a 120,000$ worth of credit for free to use for one year.

We all know that the wow factor of company is what first attract us all from design, social media, companies, or ads; it’s all about the Glittery factor. TechSpace offer our new startups the help and expertise of our team to help the startups Polish their image

Practice and Knowledge are the main keys to success, TechSpace helps our startups to improve and receive the skills and knowledge to succeed.

Communication is what keeps all connected like an ant colony we help and work together towards one goal. In TechSpace , we apply that principal for our startups as they can gain investors or advice. During our events there are always speakers, investors, or mentors participating to offer motivation and guidance.

When starting a new business the first challenge you will face is the headquarters and office space budget, TechSpace provides a solution by offering our startups office and conference room for 8 month for free.

No one likes standing in long lines in courts and official offices to get the licenses, and most of the time you end getting lost or take forever. Our legal team will help the startups with company registration and license, along with commercial tax register and follow up on tax calculations for a year.