Block chain Bootcamp

Techspace is proud is to announce that it has hosted the first blockchain bootcamp in the MENA region with its partner, Novalari which is a Swedish company specialized in highly advanced technologies. The bootcamp was a month long from Match to April, where the participants got a chance to get deeply informed about blockchain through coding and creating there projects

There were 40 graduates of this bootcamp, 8 0f which were hired in very respectable Companies. Where as, A group of the graduates were Successful in creating their own start-ups based on peer-to-peer technology.

Business Bootcamp

We introduced a new boot camp from 28 to 30 June that took place in Nile University. The camp purpose was to introduce and teach people about business for duration of 3 days. The first day was an introduction to entrepreneurship, while the second day covered marketing and finance. The last day was for creating ideas for business.

Egypt Block chain Day

We began with a kickoff event for NU Techspace, the first event on blockchain applications in
Egypt and MENA Region, created and organized by NU Techspace, discussing the mechanism of
the latest Blockchain development technologies, new business models, and opportunities.
During the event, our partner Novelari announced the first Extensive Blockchain development
bootcamp in Egypt that will took place at NU, in cooperation with NU Techspace.

Cognitive Bootcamp

Extensive week of cognitive bootcamp in cooperation with IBM, delivered by IBM developer
experience team where attendees had a hands on experience on the cognitive technologies
applications managed to submit a final project in the demo day at the end of bootcamp. The
number of attendees was 27.

NU Techspace launch

On the 21 st of April 2018, Tech space was pleased to announce its grand opening at Nile
Nu Techspace is specialized by being one of the pioneers’ incubations in the Middle East and
North of Africa region that specializes in High-tech especially cognitive and blockchain
The event welcomed the incubated start-ups and the bootcamp graduates, as through the first
cycle Techspace presented 10 start ups which were selected through several interviews as well
as evaluations on their business plans and models
The event included two boot camps on blockchain and cognitive technologies hosted by Techspace